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The Wildwood Tarot

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Date 23/05/2010

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Do you have a query about using the cards in your Tarot work?


Please click HERE to find out what uses require further permissions.


I'm looking for a wholesaler of the deck in the US?

I'm looking for a wholesaler of the deck in New Zealand?


Sterling have the US rights, they deal with all distribution there.

Book Reps distribute in New Zealand.



I'm looking for the new version of the deck - with the card back image?


In the UK we cannot guarantee that the deck you buy will be the original design or the updated design - there are no distinguishing features on the boxes and it retains the same ISBN number.  Eventually, as copies of the original design run out of stock, they will be replaced by the updated design.  The wildshop currently has the NEW edition AND the original, so please make clear which deck you wish at time of ordering.


We believe that all stock shipped to the US since December 2012 is the new version of the deck.



What's the difference between the original deck and the new version?

Check out what John Matthews says in the Wildblog about the new version



I'd like to use The Wildwood Tarot as my 'Deck of the Week' or 'Card of the Day' - is that alright?


This use of the deck is fair, but we would ask that you protect the copyright of Will Worthington, the artist, by watermarking each image with the url of his website - www.willworthingtonart.co.uk - or the copyright sign and the wildwood tarot url - www.thewildwoodtarot.com.  In both instances, the publisher's details should also be included - Connections.


If you wish to use the images in a wider sense - for example to illustrate a teaching course - we would ask that you get in touch with the deck creators before going ahead with your project.  


Can you use the Wildwood Tarot for Reversals?


Yes, you can - although Mark Ryan doesn't advoate it himself!  However, Caitlin Matthews has written some blog posts on using the Wildwood for reversals, you can read them here and here.



Who distributes the deck in New Zealand?

A company called Book Reps distributes for Connections.  They don't carry all stock, so it may be necessary to request the decks that you require.


Will there be a deluxe edition?

At the moment there are no plans to bring out a luxury edition (on different card, different finish etc)