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Privacy Policy | T&Cs

At the end of May 2018, we must comply with the GDPR to ensure that your data is being handled respectfully and securely by us here at The Wildwood Tarot/


When you sign up for our newsletter, then this is the only use that we make of your data. That data is passed automatically to our data handling service (currently Mailchimp).


Click here to see Mailchimp's compliance with GDPR.  


Mailchimp newsletters allow for automatic 'unsubscription' and once you unsubscribe, you should not receive further newsletters.  You can unsubscribe from our newsletter database at any time.  Just use our contact form here and we will unsubscribe you within 24 hours.


Only our web-tech (Alison Cross) has access to this data.  We plan to update our Wildwood Tarot database on an annual basis by removing all database information for subscribers who have not opened our last five campaigns.  You may, of course, resubscribe at any time.


Your name and your email address only is what we hold at Mailchimp for you.


If you have used our Contact form, this information is only used to deal with the issue that you contact us about.  It is not added to our newsletter database because you have not given us express permission to do that.


If you have purchased an item from our website shop, you will have paid using the paypal cart.

Paypal operates to high security standards.  You can check their GDPR compliance here.


The Wildwood Tarot does not have any credit card details for you and only contacts you to notify you of the deck despatch (and any correspondence that arises) and to place your address on the package.  We do not use your details for any other purpose.  We do not add you, for example, to our newsletter database, when you have ordered from our Shop.


The Wildblog! is created on blogger software which is owned by Google.  Google's privacy information is here.  Please note that it is a google email that our web-tech (who also runs the wildwood tarot online shop) will contact you on if there are any queries about your order.  Your credit card details will never be mentioned in correspondence from us.


The use of cookies predates the GDPR - if you do not want cookies to store data about you, here's what you can do about it.


The servers that the Wildwood Tarot website are held on are within the EU and will, therefore, fully comply with the GDPR.


We respect your privacy and the privilge of being provided with your personal data.  We do not share your data with any other party – we never have and we never will.



Mark Ryan (www.thewildwoodtarot.com owner)

Alison Cross (Data Handler and Processor for Wildwood Tarot)