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The Wildwood Tarot

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Welcome to the official portal for all things Wildwood


FIRST, despite what is showing on the Amazon UK site, there are plenty of copies of Wildwood to be had. If you are in a hurry we suggest you order direct from Connections Publishing, and if you mention the problem they might even give you a discount!


SECOND: Unfortunately, although new copies of the Wildwood Tarot are now in the warehouse, there is no means for the suppliers to tell whether this is the revised reprint (not really a new edition) or the old one. So, if you are desperate to get a new copy that has the card back and extra texts on the court cards, again we suggest you order direct from Connections Publishing or contact Eddison Sadd Editions.


We are so sorry about this, but it is actually not our fault, and is unfortunately beyond our control.    - John Matthews for Wildwood Tarot

May 2016:  Copies of The Wildwood Tarot are expected to be shipping by the end of  May 2016.


This means that we will soon have decks available in our shop very soon!

March 2016:   The posts made on The Wildwood Tarot's Facebook page have now been gathered together and turned into an e-book, available at all Amazon outlets.


This is a text-only version and is currently only available for Kindles, it is hoped to have other formats available soon.


Click HERE to see on Amazon US and click HERE to see in Amazon UK




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June 2016 -  New stock has now been received and the wildwood shop is now open again for business!